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DOPA is in the midst of expanding our family.

We are seeking for individuals who are passionate and dependable with a pleasant disposition to join the team in our cause to create

better artisanal gelato for everyone.

Positions available:

• Full-time Shift Supervisor •

Being a key member of the outlet, you will be working closely with the Outlet Manager and our group of service crews to

ensure smooth operation, memorable customer service and efficient usage of resources within the cafe.


• Full-time Ice Cream Chef •

We are looking for individuals who are hardworking, diligent and keen on exploring the world of gelato.

You will have to work well in a team and have a strong passion for delivering quality products from the pastry kitchen.

• Part-time Service Crew •

We are looking for passionate, dependable and resilient individuals who are willing to learn and thrive in a fast paced environment. You will need to have keen interest in scooping with a spatula and spreading happiness to everyone!

Interested individuals can send your resume to

We will get back to you soon!

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